Preformed thermoplastics

Preformed thermoplastics are easy-to use road markings.  These are shaped thermoplastics that can be applied direct to surface by heath. We have a product overview with all the common designs and dimensions, but we also make custom made designs on a daily basis.  

Whether it’s give-way road markings, speed limits or other road symbols, our full range of horizontally preformed safety markings is durable and of top quality. They also make roads and school environments safer and more user-friendly.

Do you want to apply durable markings on your school’s playground? Are you looking for a pre-formed thermoplastic to divide your playground into play areas? Or do you want to provide a play area with clear lines or play markings?

If so, choose our high-quality, easy-to-apply preformed thermoplastic. Ideal for decorating your playground in an educational, sporting or playful manner. Shapes, numbers, letters, etc. Your imagination can be made reality, allowing children to play and learn at the same time, with Playmark as the ideal pre-formed thermoplastic.

Topmark 13

Reflective preformed thermoplastic

Standard = white . Other colors on request.

Are you looking for safe, durable and user-friendly thermoplastics, pre-formed or powdered?